Saturday, May 3, 2008

We All Trick

If I walk into the middle of Times Square, stop traffic, and boastfully proclaim, "I'm into tricking! I trick!" my random and incoherent proclamation could have several varying connotations among the myriad of easily fancied tourists, jaded New Yorkers, and the cab driver who's probably cursing me out. I could be perceived as a trick, or person that pays for sex. But don't we all one way or the other?
"Tricking" can additionally mean the act of "turning tricks" or rather having mail-order sex with a paying customer. And whether you're sleeping with someone for a couple free meals at the Olive Garden or just having fun sex, aren't we all paying customers in some aspect of our lives? Keep following me. I'm going somewhere.
Then, there's the more commonly understood term which Webster defines as deceiving "by cunning or artiface." There is also the definition as "dressing or adorning fancifully or ornately."
And then, there is the sport of tricking in which the athletes who do it refer to themselves as "tricksters" or "trickers." My opinion on that matter shifts daily. Like the prostitute's or even the trick's opinion of whether he/she wants to talk dirty in bed and desires to be called "Wonder Woman!" or "slut!" Depends on the mood I guess.
All in all, we all have deceived someone, we all have gotten dressed up "ornately" for that special occasion, we all have had sex with paying customers, we all pay for sex one way or another, but we don't all flip off of walls, do 1080s, raiz-corks, or simple 540s for that matter.
So "I trick" is merely stating the obvious unless of course you are referring to the sport.
What I hope we can all take from this is that I had nothing better to blog about as I split for Miami on this overcast Saturday afternoon to go trick.

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Tony Surphman said...

yeah man i have it when people confuse it with "prostituiton" but hey what can i say thats how it is, we gotta change it so that everyone's first thought that comes in mind when they hear the term "tricking" will be the extreme sport we all love.