Thursday, May 1, 2008

BMW, Monotracer: Sexy sponsors for tricking.

Shameless plug for BMW and Peraves Monotracer: future sponsors of the next generation of tricking. Unfortunately, the two companies aren't privy to this, but with modern advances in online social networks, search engine optimization, and companies like StumbleUpon, who knows, maybe BMW and/or Monotracer will find this blog and say, "Hey, let's sponsor those guys doing all the flips and stuff and give 'em some of our cabin-bikes."

Commercial idea: So, I'm doing the regular flip-over-cars-thing and then a guy pulls up with a cabin-bike. I tell him I'll flip over it. I run up, drive off, and you see the picture above. I do in fact flip, but just with my finger. The end.

Part of tricking, at least Tricking 2.0, is always keeping it sexy. This vehicle (the Peraves Monotracer "Cabin bike" powered by a BMW engine) is sexy. When's the last time you checked out the back of a machine like that?

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Tony Surphman said...

lmao, i loved the conclusion.