Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Street Flips Endorses EA Sports and X-Box

Yesterday, I was at a party/movie shorts premiere in this Brooklynesque, underground-type venue in hipster trendy Williamsburg called Glasslands, when I was introduced to a guy involved with a pretty sweet start-up called Social Vibe. is a social networking site in which members can choose causes like hunger or disaster relief and then choose corporate brands like Nike or Coca-Cola to sponsor them and their causes by posting the brand's ads on their other social network sites like Myspace or Facebook. Street Flips is endorsing EA Sports and X-Box to help fight hunger, for example. You can click their links on the blog's sidebar to the right to help those causes.

After what can only be described as an awkward night of movies and dancing to "I'm Black and I'm proud" on a dance floor in which I was the only brother, I woke up today in a kind of "What time is it, where the hell am I" disorientation.
A pretty decent night, however, in which I can't complain. Somehow I was on the agenda to trick and provided a bit of Street Flips entertainment to some freestyle poetry. What's more the owner offered her venue for us to host part of our Tricking Out NYC showcase this July. Also, I linked up with some cool chicks from this band called Suspicious Package. Interesting group of girls and some I look forward to collabing with in the future.
Anyway, back to Social Vibe. Go to the site, set up an account, save lives, make some better, feel good about it. I am planning on making Street Flips a sponsor once our school opens in August. Speaking of that, I want to thank everyone for their support and those who have made contributions to the school. The school's opening is definetly official at this point and I look forward to the launch and certainly the launch party. It shall be off the daaaaammmnn chain. Maybe I can get Suspicious Package to perform.

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