Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flipping Over Esmee Denters & Free Sol

Recently I was at the Hit Factory in Miami with Justin Timberlake's new artists from his Tennman Record label with Chick Flips girl Belle. Esmee Denters is the #2 most subscribed and viewed musician on Youtube and Free Sol is the hottest band out of Memphis (bound to take the world by storm with their new album. (I heard some of their new stuff, and (LEAK!) there are some prominent guest appearances (maybe JT??? And a very famous R&B singer who's name begins with a T) on there with some INSANE beats, tight lyrics, and bananas... the whole thing is bananas! ... Apple and oranges, even.
I met up with Timbaland and his new artist DOE (the "Baby girl!' guy).
Here is Trick'd Out Tricking Webisode 6 which covers my exploits at the Hit Factory, and yes, I smoked a big, fat Cuban.

ESMEE DENTERS, FREE SOL - Watch more free videos

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tricking & Skateboarding

Quick thought: tricking and skateboarding would be sick if one day combined into a major event. Boards, tricks, and chicks. Yes, a novel idea.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Chick Flips

The Beautiful Belle from Chick Flips on the Street Flips Squad helps me out as we give you our first tutorial on how to do a back flip. This is lesson number 1: Just do it.

By the way, I know it's been a few days between posts and I understand some of you regulars were scratching yourself like 207th St. crackheads with anxiety as you waited impatiently. I was in Miami at the Hit Factory working hard so I can hardly work. But I'll be posting video footy soon so you can see what you missed.

Also, last week's goal of the hot girl teaching a tutorial: mission accomplished. 

Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't Flip Out! You've Been Tricked by Your Other You

Recently, I was on, a site dedicated to shamelessly freaking out your friend(s) so you can ROFLing... completely at their expense. It's wrong. It's malicious. Your friend might actually call the police in fear. And, it's sponsored by Toyota.
One of Toyota's several slogans is "Toyota. Moving forward." I like this one for this particular prank-your-friend- as-a-means-for-us-to- advertise because when they get sued, that will be interesting to see when the results trickle, or rather plummet, down to the price of their stock. Imagine when you get a call from an individual who knows where you live, what you do, what you like, etc, and you're certain that you don't know this person. Then, five days later, you find that this was a result of Toyota. Yes, a multi-billion dollar corporation. It's suing time.
In tricking news, you went out today and got "your other you" to prank you, called your lawyer, and then put in another call to the in-house legal counsel at Toyota to inform them who the trick's on now. Then, once you settle out of court, buy a Toyota, better yet, get your other you's hot, older sister, Alexus.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hot Chicks Teach You a Flippin' Lesson!

Imagine walking into a gym to train and - GREAT MOTHER OF MAXIM MODELS!! Lying there just like Vida Guerra, "stretching," your instructor is getting ready to give you a private lesson.
New Street Flips marketing strategy: Get hot girls to host tutorials on tricks and flips. I am on a mission to find some of the most beautiful and limber chicas in New York and Miami (apparently I have a dual-residency now) and have them help people all over the world learn flips via Youtube... while wearing bikinis. Maybe it could help spread the love of tricking to new demographics. And, for tricking sake, if I have to endure spotting and filming half-naked beauties to get our sport out there, then, I guess a man's got to do what a man's got to do.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Street Flips Endorses EA Sports and X-Box

Yesterday, I was at a party/movie shorts premiere in this Brooklynesque, underground-type venue in hipster trendy Williamsburg called Glasslands, when I was introduced to a guy involved with a pretty sweet start-up called Social Vibe. is a social networking site in which members can choose causes like hunger or disaster relief and then choose corporate brands like Nike or Coca-Cola to sponsor them and their causes by posting the brand's ads on their other social network sites like Myspace or Facebook. Street Flips is endorsing EA Sports and X-Box to help fight hunger, for example. You can click their links on the blog's sidebar to the right to help those causes.

After what can only be described as an awkward night of movies and dancing to "I'm Black and I'm proud" on a dance floor in which I was the only brother, I woke up today in a kind of "What time is it, where the hell am I" disorientation.
A pretty decent night, however, in which I can't complain. Somehow I was on the agenda to trick and provided a bit of Street Flips entertainment to some freestyle poetry. What's more the owner offered her venue for us to host part of our Tricking Out NYC showcase this July. Also, I linked up with some cool chicks from this band called Suspicious Package. Interesting group of girls and some I look forward to collabing with in the future.
Anyway, back to Social Vibe. Go to the site, set up an account, save lives, make some better, feel good about it. I am planning on making Street Flips a sponsor once our school opens in August. Speaking of that, I want to thank everyone for their support and those who have made contributions to the school. The school's opening is definetly official at this point and I look forward to the launch and certainly the launch party. It shall be off the daaaaammmnn chain. Maybe I can get Suspicious Package to perform.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Street Flips Motion Capture Lab and School of Tricking

I am proud to announce that Street Flips will be opening a motion capture lab and school of martial arts tricks, flips, and breakdance in New York. With our vision to produce new and groundbreaking innovations, we decided to fuse together the digital and the action sports worlds, bringing together young athletes and future computer engineers to work together in a positive after-school environment where academics, performing arts, and sports could combine. The SF school will train young athletes in tricking, flips, breakdance, and martial arts, while their computer-savvy peers study their motions and learn to capture and enhance the athletes' motions and manipulate motion data with joint control capture capabilities. The school will annually produce studies on new performance arts to provide new information and other literature on motions and theories thereof regarding tricking, parkour, and breakdancing. The school will be opening this August in either downtown Manhattan or in Williamsburg in New York City.
For more information, stay tuned to this blog. Additionally, the SF School's website is currently in development but will be on the official website by the end of the week.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Romeo in the Miami Heat Game

Street Flips is doing big things as of late. Romeo (a.k.a. "The Favorite" according to Groupie Magazine) just landed a huge gig for a Miami Heat halftime show. We'll be sure to include his performance in an upcoming webisode so everyone can see him rock the American Airlines Arena if you miss it on TV. Note to Romeo: make sure you don't tell the cheerleaders you're in high school. Many times, the team will go out and chill on South Beach and Romeo, when asked his age, will profess the truth, thus ending any fun for himself with a girl who wouldn't have known she was committing a statutory offense. All in good practice, my friend. Say it with me: "I'm 18."
Check out the Heat girl (pictured) on the far left, Romeo. Don't ruin your chances, buddy. Take a walk into your fate and live to reminisce in the event of your statutory fortune.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Free Sol, the official music of Street Flips

Tricking is known for it's freedom of expression, and the lifestyle of a trickster, seen through many of the Street Flips webisodes, show it's boundlessness and unconventionality. Well, we all know that glitch-hop has been the proclaimed music of tricking (as if my blog dictates or even carries any musically authoritative weight at all); however, we must stop and take a look at a band that actually doesn't even have a genre. Free Sol. To the world and mass-media, this name way not ring a bell, but locally in my hometown of Memphis, TN, this name is widely known. However, the genre of music... no one even locally can quite put their finger on it. In the band's words, "Just call it music."
You could say it's hop-hop mixed with rock n' roll, the blues, and jazz. You could even say there are some chords here and there you hear in a country song. Some of their songs even have a bit of techno in it. There's a definite R&B sound to it in many of the songs as well. Though, overall, it's just good music. You may have even been bobbing your head to them without knowing in our third webisode of "Trick'd Out."
Like Street Flips, its style is in it's own box. It doesn't hear the popular tunes or rules. It follows its own way. It's in it's own world.
Give these guys a listen. You can find some samples from one of their albums (11:11) here.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stacey Dash in Trick'd Out Webisode 5 Premiere

Stacey Dash is actually in this webisode of "Trick'd Out" for a little under a second. Can you spot her?

Caption for the people still using dial-up, mobiley viewing from your video-disinclined cell, or people just interested in text: Me, Tony, and Romeo were kicked out of the Adventura Mall in Miami last week for tricking and gathering footage. Beforehand, we visited the Trump to determine which condo we would get and how much money it would cost us once we get our big endorsement deal. My motto: fake it until you make it. The Trump International has an amazing view of Miami Beach as you can see.
By the way, the original webisode 5 will actually be webisode 6 and it will premiere June 1 featuring our first chick trickster. Be on the look out.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keep Your Pants On... For Now. Street Flips Apparel

It's time to flip the streets. Did you know that in New York City alone there are over 200,000 homeless people right now. Many people think it's a decision; however, is it impossible for your job to be lost due to layoffs, your house to be burnt down, and/or your health to be lost which could place you hundreds-of-thousands of dollars in debt from medical bills? Sometimes, homelessness just happens. But, keep your pants on.
Street Flips will be officially launching our urbanwear line of fashion in early June and many of our proceeds will be used by us to feed, cloth, empower, and provide homes for homeless people living in New York City. We won't be donating to a non-profit. We will be doing it all ourselves, going to ground-level, and giving the money and encouraging homeless individuals face-to-face and not just by blindly throwing money into a bucket or envelope. Personally, I rarely see all the money that is donated annually ever actually appear in the hands of the homeless, so we are taking out the action so we can make sure results are accomplished.
Currently we are in talks with a few clothing manufacturing companies and working on post-design for many of the first run of t-shirts that will be available. So, keep on your pants for now, but the shirt's got to go. Our new line of Ts is going to represent the free and limitless life of a Street Flipper/trickster as you see in our webisodes but also we wanted to figure out a way in which we could give back to the community. Our slogan for this line is: "We're not just flipping in the streets, we're flipping the streets."
Meanwhile, while you wait for our new line of apparel, check out one of our clothing partner's (All Souled Out) latest shoe designs and t-shirt runs.

It's time to start tricking out this world, and not just by wearing cool clothes.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Street Football, EA Sports, Tricking and... Stacey Dash!

Tricking is slowly but surely about to erupt onto the mainstream sports scene, and it appears that video gamers might be the demographic of the next generation of tricksters. I'm pulling the psychic card and claiming that by 2010, EA Sports will release a full-on high-action, street-flipping tricking game in which the gamer would play a New York hipster or Brooklyn gangster character who does nightclub tricking battles and fights bad guys with crazy Tony Jaa-ish flips and kicks in back alleys. Just imagine Street Fighter mixed in with Grand Theft Auto and EA's upcoming Mirror's Edge  (more details about ME below).
Maybe Street Tricking : Brooklyn ???

In the recent football game (or "soccer" game if you're American like me) released by EA Sports back in February, FIFA Street 3 , (as pictured above) the guys at EA incorporated tricking/parkour moves into the game. You'll see guys flipping and doing freerunning-stlyed stunts all over the place.  In addition, EA will be releasing a parkour/Street Flips-type game called Mirror's Edge at the end of the year.  These are all good looks for tricking, almost as good looking as Stacey Dash's latest magazine cover.

She's 42 by the way, and she makes a special (kind-of) appearance in one of our upcoming webisodes of "Trick'd Out."

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Next BIG Thing in Sports Entertainment

Remember when extreme sports and the X-Games exploded into the mainstream in the late 90s? How about when streetball and And1 became the next new sports craze in in the early 2000s. But what about now? What's next?

The answer: Tricking. It's a new wave of extreme flipping mixed in with martial arts and breakdancing moves. 
Over the last ten years, thousands of "tricksters" have popped onto the tricking scene and tricking is headed towards being the next big thing in sports entertainment.
But why tricking? Gymnastics never hit it BIG.
Well, tricking ISN'T gymnastics. It's much more laid-back in style and the flips and twists have a completely different appeal to them. Plus, as far as tricking spreading, with the advent of video sharing websites like Youtube and Divshare, people have been able to learn flips and flashy kicks in their backyard and a whole subculture of tricksters has arisen all over the world, from Finland to Japan-- across the ocean to the US and down on to Brazil. It's becoming a favorite international pastime and it's becoming more and more competitive with new teams and battles (through online video and in real life). Plus, it doesn't have the men-in-tights factor as gymnastics does.
But what about a market?
Who doesn't like to watch people flip all over the place and compete for who can do the coolest combination of tricks?
So, who's pioneering this?
Street Flips, along with many other small companies and tricking teams are working to expand the sport and spread the love of tricking. 
So, when will this finally hit it big time?
Once a large company like ESPN features the sport or a company like Nike releases commercials featuring tricksters to promote their products with flips off of walls, spinning kicks, crazy flips, and insane moves that make people say "Woooo, what the hell was that?!!!"
Whoever jumps on this first will be behind a sports and entertainment revolution that will be only be as insanely revolutionary as the tricking battles themselves.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

"The Other Hef" is Trick'd Out

Look who's got the ladies turning tricks. Meet honorary trickster Richard "Dickie" Hefman aka "The Other Hef." Even though he probably can't flip with his gut weighing him down, his sexy, limber girlfriends wouldn't have a problem.
Click the thumbnail below to view the official trailer.

Dreams can come true.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Can You Trick in Bed?

Perhaps tricking is a new mating call. Recently, I was throwing some flips and tricks in NY when I was approached by girl who had been watching. For the purposes of the subject matter, we'll say, appearance-wise, she was certainly "trickable."
She asked me if I was doing cappoiera and explained to me: "I loooovvvveee cappoiera!" Well, seeing as she was "trickable" and all, I decided to humor her by giving her the whole story of how it was actually called "tricking" and the sport derived and took many influences from Cappoiera, in addition of course to several other performance artforms and sports.
We flirted awhile and then she asked me quite simply and with a barbie doll's poker face: "Can you do that in bed?"
After my initial moment of shock, followed by a moment of deep cognitive inquisition into the her question, I answered, "If the ceilings are high enough, but I won't settle for anything shorter than loft-height."
She smiled; and I did as well--but in a right now? kind of way. And I thought I might have said it, but wasn't sure until she answered.
"If you can trick me into it," she replied.

Okay, so the story is complete BS. But, the answer is yes, you can trick in bed and I was doing so during the course of that dream. All you need is your imagination, and that's not only for tricking. Maybe you could even use the assistance of a certain magazine to help inspire you... I don't know. Whatever you like. The man (pictured above) seems to prefer magazines over the chick... who actually looks similar (magazine-down) to the girl from my dream.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trick'd Out Webisode 4

This is Webisode 4 of "Trick'd Out" with a sexy new intro. Everything was shot on Monday and it's extremely random-- hence the title "Miami Randomness." Romeo was grounded this week, so he couldn't be in this one. Romeo (a.k.a. "Favorite") gets the most groupie love from the webisodes, so be advised: Romeo is still alive and trickin'. He's just sitting in a small room staring at a wall, thinking about what he did wrong until the weekend hits.
And yes, I did answer the phone in mid-air while doing the cork.

Also, is currently being renovated and will have a sexy new look soon.

Cute Puppy+Girl Who Tricks=Win

Everyone loves a cute puppy. So, I'll use that as my primary selling point for the fifth webisode of "Trick'd Out" which you'll have to wait a week or so for because the fourth webisode doesn't even come out until later today on Youtube. However, next week, you'll meet our newbie trickster chick Vennessa and her cute little dog who likes to sleep in his owner's crotch area.
Therefore, this is going to be a short blog because there will be another webisode blog later today. I already gave you two for the price of one a few days ago, so today you get two halves absolutely free.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eva Longoria Tricks

Eva Longoria was spotted tricking in L.A.

Also, Borat was spotted in his ridiculously odd but semi-entertaining and awkwardly funny flick bursting out the following: "NOT!"

Well, "NOT" necessarily. Eva has tricked before but it was the paparazzi. Read this article ("Longoria Tricks Paparazzi in Pop Fiction") if you want, but that's the closest I could come to twisting Eva's sexy legs into anything pertaining to tricking when I googled "Eva tricks."
Nonetheless, let's imagine for a second Eva tricking... in that dress. If you are indeed a heterosexual male, I will give you a few moments to let that marinate in your head. Ladies, check out how she looks in that dress and I heard she eats whatever she wants-- aren't you "so jealous"?
Aw, how nice.

New rule: this is a tricking blog. Headlines will occasionally be purposefully misleading and I will trick you in order to incorporate beautiful women and cool stuff that has nothing to do with the sport. It's all about tricking you into looking at that red dress and the one bending over in it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Danny Graham vs. Art MD: The Battle!!! What Battle???

Next time, Danny and I should battle for record sales or something like Kanye West and 50 Cent, because as Danny's girlfriend quoted after the tricking battle: it was a "waste of time."

Remember that historic match between the great chess world champion Boris Spassky and the inexperienced, underdog Bobby Fischer (pictured)? Well, that was the way the battle "Art MD vs. Danny Graham" was hyped. However, our battle just wasn't as cool; in fact, it was lame. Even though he was the experienced Spassky-type, he acted a lot like the spoiled Fischer. During the '72 World Chess Championship, Fischer made several unreasonable demands and swore not to compete in unless all of his random demands were taken care of. He said he would not battle unless he had a higher chair than Spassky, the audience stood much farther than usual, the lighting was brighter, the matches take place on certain days-- everything was on his terms. Danny and I had agreed before our battle on several terms. However, he pushed the battle ahead by 24 hours and informed me of the change less than two hours before the timing he was requesting. So, why did I battle if everything was on his terms or nothing? Because me on a bad day without any of my terms being met can still hold up against Danny on a good day with all of his terms.

One of the terms we had agreed on was that we would either battle in grass or on spring flooring. I wanted to battle on concrete, grass, and spring to show diverse flooring and give an all-around look at both trickers. In addition, I needed an abundance of area space and height. However, once I arrived to the battle, it was pretty much karate pad floor in a confided area. There were fans hanging from the ceiling everywhere in addition to columns in random areas. Also, we agreed to battle on Tuesday (today); however, he had one of his friends text me to inform that unless we battled at 9:30 yesterday, there would be no battle at all. I received the text at 8:00. With no proper preparation, I still went. A $%^*& move in my opinion, but that's okay. There were several other terms in which normal tricking battles consist of in which this one did not due to obvious reasons.
The battle? What battle? It was a series of tricks. No crowd: it was practically a tricking session. No one judged. We tricked for three minutes. I ran out of space on many of my combos because we had originally agreed on grass or gym floor and I trained for the battle accordingly. Unfortunately all of the circumstances changed within an hour and a half of the battle and the battle wasn't so. Either way, Danny's promised slaughter didn't occur and the inexperienced trickster from New York... almost ran into a wall a few times. But there was no battle and certainly no slaughter. In fact, Danny looked a little scared. The footage his squad recorded should be up soon.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hitchhiking to the Tricking Battle in Miami

Saturday morning I set out from my aparment in Brooklyn to catch a 3:00 flight to Miami. There were a few airline complications at Westchester County Airport (a.k.a. I missed my flight). I always fly out of WCA in White Plains, which is about thirty-or-so miles outside the Big Apple, because it's less hectic, less crowded, and you can usually meet a beautiful girl from Westchester who drives a Benz and lives off daddy's money. 
Because WCA  is such a small airport, Airtran only had one flight departing for the rest of the day and it was bound for Orlando. Close enough to Miami, right? I changed my ticket and 2 1/2 hours later at 9:30 PM I found myself rideless, friendless, and broke in Orlando, home of Disney and Sea World. So, what do you do when you are in a city 230 miles from your destination and you don't have money or an actually plan to get where you're going? You trick.... And enjoy the hell out of the adventure.
I did a couple flips on the side of the road a mile from the airport and caught a ride on a local bus for zero-fair and was dropped off near the Florida Turnpike, a direct route to Miami. At about 11 PM I found myself bound south, walking down the turnpike with my thumb up, watching cars speed by. I called a couple friends every hour on the hour as a safety net to send out a search party in case I was molested by a junkie disguised as a palm tree or robbed at gun-point and shot by a senior-citizen hooker. It could happen. Have you seen Monster? But I live in Brooklyn so I'm automatically arrogant enough to think nothing can happen to me and what haven't I seen before, flicked off, and walked past in the subway? 
I made it about eight miles down the road when I was picked up by a cop. He offered to take me to a truck stop so that I could catch a ride with  trucker from there, seeing as I had no money.  He drove me back to within two blocks of where I started. Back to square one.
To make a long story short, I woke up a lot of truckers at 3 AM, made electronic device barter offers in exchange for a ride South, made a couple deals, went to sleep behind a gas station under a palm tree, smoked my first Marlboro (it was that kind of night), woke up at 11 AM, missed my rides, tried to make other deals to no immediate avail, waited around until 6 PM, caught a free ride on a local bus to a Greyhound Bus Terminal that was closed, caught another local bus going the other way to downtown Orlando's Greyhound, bartered off an old digital camera in exchange for a $47 ticket to Miami, met a guy who worked for ESPN Magazine, networked to get Streetflips involved with some upcoming magazine events and shoots, met a beautiful girl, got on the bus, texted the beautiful girl halfway through the trip, got to downtown Miami at 4AM, walked five miles to Miami Beach, watched the sunrise as I laid across the sand and the waves rushed up to against my feet, passed out, woke up, confirmed the tricks battle against Danny Graham tomorrow, and came to the Apple Store to blog about it.
Just another day. 

Sunday, May 4, 2008


Blogging from my cell as i wrestle with alligators and hitchhike from orlando to mia 4 the battle against d graham. More details tomorrow.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

We All Trick

If I walk into the middle of Times Square, stop traffic, and boastfully proclaim, "I'm into tricking! I trick!" my random and incoherent proclamation could have several varying connotations among the myriad of easily fancied tourists, jaded New Yorkers, and the cab driver who's probably cursing me out. I could be perceived as a trick, or person that pays for sex. But don't we all one way or the other?
"Tricking" can additionally mean the act of "turning tricks" or rather having mail-order sex with a paying customer. And whether you're sleeping with someone for a couple free meals at the Olive Garden or just having fun sex, aren't we all paying customers in some aspect of our lives? Keep following me. I'm going somewhere.
Then, there's the more commonly understood term which Webster defines as deceiving "by cunning or artiface." There is also the definition as "dressing or adorning fancifully or ornately."
And then, there is the sport of tricking in which the athletes who do it refer to themselves as "tricksters" or "trickers." My opinion on that matter shifts daily. Like the prostitute's or even the trick's opinion of whether he/she wants to talk dirty in bed and desires to be called "Wonder Woman!" or "slut!" Depends on the mood I guess.
All in all, we all have deceived someone, we all have gotten dressed up "ornately" for that special occasion, we all have had sex with paying customers, we all pay for sex one way or another, but we don't all flip off of walls, do 1080s, raiz-corks, or simple 540s for that matter.
So "I trick" is merely stating the obvious unless of course you are referring to the sport.
What I hope we can all take from this is that I had nothing better to blog about as I split for Miami on this overcast Saturday afternoon to go trick.

Friday, May 2, 2008


I'm giving a little extra this Friday with my second blog of the day. Here at Streetflips, we flip over cars...but this guy takes things to a whole new level by willingly getting hit by one. I looked at it a few times and feel it may be fake-- maybe it happened much slower and then they sped up the footage while editing. But, boy, does he bounce of the car pretty high! If they are tricking us, they are fellow tricksters of an unknown sect and helping in efforts to bring our sport to new levels in extremely unconventional ways.
Anyway, the kid got hit by a car and you deserve to laugh at him. Happy Friday.

Kid Gets Hit By Car - Watch more free videos

By the way, here we are flipping OVER cars.



You may recognize the girl to my left from America's Next Top Model. This is part of SF's ongoing effort to promote tricking as an extreme sport by adding the hot girl factor. Of course, the extreme and danger factor were already in the bag, but without hot girls promoting, it's just not on the money. To see what I'm talking about, check out Grind TV's mamitos.
This is also a shameless effort to give you a reason to read this blog.
Recently, I spammed my 1,500 Myspace friends to bring them to this blog, so I must have sexy content on top to make them say errr.... cool. If you're coming from Myspace, be sure to bookmark this page or subscribe on the right menu as I update this with hot content daily.

Below you will find our exclusive photos from the first Streetflips Girls photoshoot. Enjoy. This may or may not be suitable for minors... depending on whether you live in New York or not.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

BMW, Monotracer: Sexy sponsors for tricking.

Shameless plug for BMW and Peraves Monotracer: future sponsors of the next generation of tricking. Unfortunately, the two companies aren't privy to this, but with modern advances in online social networks, search engine optimization, and companies like StumbleUpon, who knows, maybe BMW and/or Monotracer will find this blog and say, "Hey, let's sponsor those guys doing all the flips and stuff and give 'em some of our cabin-bikes."

Commercial idea: So, I'm doing the regular flip-over-cars-thing and then a guy pulls up with a cabin-bike. I tell him I'll flip over it. I run up, drive off, and you see the picture above. I do in fact flip, but just with my finger. The end.

Part of tricking, at least Tricking 2.0, is always keeping it sexy. This vehicle (the Peraves Monotracer "Cabin bike" powered by a BMW engine) is sexy. When's the last time you checked out the back of a machine like that?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Chicks & Tricks: If tricking is extreme it's got to have bikini models.

The above video will be called into evidence later in the blog.

So, is tricking an extreme sport? Well, let's see. Below are a list of extreme sport requirements.

1. There must be an element of danger. (Check.)
2. It must involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and spectacular stunts. (Watch this video if you want proof. Check.)
3. Chicks dig it. (Hmmm.... well,, but I don't know about...)

Basically, if there is one thing tricking is lacking, it's hot girls. And in order to be an extreme sport, you have to draw that demographic. So, from now on, this blog is going to bring hot chicks into tricking more often. Why not?
Additionally, is working on a "SF Girls" squad to host SF events, make special vids, and show the world that tricking is an extreme sport. To support our ongoing efforts and testify that girls are good for tricking, please watch the above video from of Chelsea on GrindTV.


So, what does tricking have to do with boobs? Well, there are several reasons why boobs and tricking are good together. Here are five:
1.Tricking is best when done in combos. Needless to say, boobs are too.
2. Tricking is cool. Boobs are as well.
3. Everyone loves big tricks. Et cetera, et cetera.
4. Sometimes you have to work hard to get the best tricks. This is evident in quality boob obtainment.
5. Even when you cheat 720 times, there are still many more out there.

If you look closely enough at the boobs, you will eventually agree that tricking and boobs correlate tremendously, immensely, and, certainly, proportionately.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Future Fantasy Tricking?
Tricking with its own XM satellite radio channel?
A TV Channel?
Millions of dollars in bets going toward tricking?
Why not? Imagine:
"Today's tricks battle is Team Nike vs. Adidas. The winner will go up against Team Under Armour and the vicious forces of Art MD, Romeo, and Tony Surphman. :)
Anis Cheurfa and Kjer from team Adidas seem poised to dominate the cork variations battle, but Sesshoumaru and Kyle Mclean from Nike are are going to give them a run on the creativity judging. Should be a crazy battle.
Next week, the all-stars from the league will be chosen for the upcoming Tricking World Championship, where China and Japan will give the US a run for the money this year."

Back to the real world, the only thing of substance to report is the upcoming Art MD vs. Danny Graham of Hurricane Tricksters Crew battle. The date, time, and details are currently being worked out, but the battle will take place soon. The source of the battle is due to Hurricane Tricksters ongoing attempts to discredit and publicly rank on Team SF. Last week, 3 members of Hurricane went to a gym where Romeo of SF was training, and Danny Graham (a much more experienced trickster of at least five years) challenged Romeo, 16, to a tricks battle in which he recorded and posted on Youtube, especially emphasizing Romeos mistakes with crafty editing while, of course, disregarding his own.
I am certainly the underdog in this upcoming match and no one expects me to come close to Danny in the battle. I intend to make this one of the greatest upsets in tricking history. And also, this is a great thing because it's helping to boast tricking as a competitive sport which certainly steeping in the right direction towards the fantasy tricks teams and XM radio sports channel.
If the battle goes down this weekend, I'll have the footage posted by Monday.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A Glitch in the Tricking Matrix: The Soundtrack to the Sport

When I first heard Glitch Hop, I closed my eyes and there I was. I was running through the streets of New York City, flipping over taxis, corkng on the sidewalk, doing wall flips every chance I got, breakdancing into flips in the middle of the street, popping out backside 9s, C720s, random tornado kicks, and raizing to random cork variations. Then, the music stopped. I opened my eyes, and I was back at my computer in my small apartment in Brooklyn.
It was destiny. I was using StumbleUpon and randomly surfing the web, going from random site to random site, when I stumbled onto
It was love at first site (pun intended).
Here's how I see it: Skateboarding started with this punkish music feel. Breakdancing with hip-hop. Tricking needs a soundtrack.
Tricking's a hybrid sport, glitch hop is a musical hybrid.
Let's get married, Glitch Hop.
Team SF & Tricking 2.0=Glitch Hop.

Tricking, the art

Tricking is a sport but it is just as much so an artform in its own right. Stumbling through bustling Manhattan in the Village on a chilly Monday afternoon, hungry, discontent, and out of place, there was only one thing for me to do as Washington Square Park came into view along my stroll. And no, it wasn't compose an extremely wordy sentence. My first impulse was to trick. I ran. Fast. I took of my polo, kicked off my shoes and socks, and threw my body into different combinations of corks, ganers, double legs, and an array of other kicks and flips. A band was playing nearby. A very inspirational song I remember, and as I was bobbing my head in testimony to the beauty and hope of that song, I tricked in the dirt covered, newly growing, early Spring stubbles of grass. I ran up the closest tree and sored through the air as I flipped off. I swear it felt as if I was going in slow motion. I felt like I was truly expressing myself where words could not. Before I knew it, it was dark and I had built up quite a crowd. When I became aware of this, I collected my things, flipped over the rail (just to show off a bit) and walked into the lights of the city and disappeared. I was no longer discontent or out of place. But my hunger did return.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Trick'd Out Webisodes 1-3

Here are three of our previously released webisodes. My personal favorite was the first one which was before we knew we'd be role models and established our Above the Influence cause, so forgive the occasional swear words. Okay, the abundance of swear words. Just in the first one.

TEAM SF and the Online Tricking Community

TEAM SF is proudly the most hated name among other tricking teams in the US and abroad. This originates from our teams' movement. Let's call this movement "Tricking 2.0" because it is being greatly driven by forums, Youtube, and various sites on the internet and is an evolution of the sport. Tricking 2.0 represents a new wave and breath in tricking that separates Team SF in many ways from the already established (old) tricking mentality which is non-competitive, strictly rooted in martial arts, and tightly-knit to only certain people. By definition, tricking is a mixture of martial arts, breakdancing, parkour, and gymnastics. Tricking 2.0 focuses on all of these aspects intensely as opposed to mostly just the martial arts aspect. We'll call the old tricking mentality "Martial Arts Tricks" because it's firmly and primarily consistent of kicks with a few flips thrown in. Tricking 2.0 is an extreme sport in which there is an element of danger. For example, Tricking 2.0 is not limited to spring floors and can occur on the street, in grass, on a basketball court, on the freeway, or in your own home. Also, taking from the element of parkour, Tricking 2.0 promotes flipping and kicking over things in the environment like garbage cans or cars and flipping and tricking off of things like ledges ad balconies. In addition, there is more of a flipping and dynamic twisting element to Tricking 2.0 to which Team SF promotes.
Team SF is still involved with the already established tricking community because it is evolving sure enough, but our mentality of tricking is very much different than the way it is now with MA tricks. For this reason, and like change usually does, there are many conflicts between our team and many of the MA Tricks teams.
Does this render us in any aspects? Not really. If anything it helps. People talk trash and make demeaning comments on tricking forums about our teams and we counter, but for reasons that most people that are arguing don't understand. We want the competitive nature among teams, without that there is no sport, no reason to watch, no interest. Tricking 2.0 pushes competition.
Also, we have been revolutionizing what can be done with tricking. Before it was just something tricksters did at gatherings and with their spare time, Tricking 2.0 is a lifestyle.
With our bi-monthly webisodes, we show how our team is trying to further popularize tricking by spreading the know via nightclub performances, battles, sports sponsors, and touring. With our webisodes, other teams have also been inspired to do so and trailers have been released using the same term "webisodes." We feel this is a step in the right direction and feel if the sport keeps heading in this direction and we can get more kids involved through our non-profit organization, Tricking Above the Influence, we can make tricking an alternative to inner-city kids to recreational drug use and abuse. Also, this will put a sport into free-minded youth who can bring their determination and hunger into revolutionizing tricking to whole new levels.
And that's why Team SF is the most hated name among other MA tricks teams.