Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stacey Dash in Trick'd Out Webisode 5 Premiere

Stacey Dash is actually in this webisode of "Trick'd Out" for a little under a second. Can you spot her?

Caption for the people still using dial-up, mobiley viewing from your video-disinclined cell, or people just interested in text: Me, Tony, and Romeo were kicked out of the Adventura Mall in Miami last week for tricking and gathering footage. Beforehand, we visited the Trump to determine which condo we would get and how much money it would cost us once we get our big endorsement deal. My motto: fake it until you make it. The Trump International has an amazing view of Miami Beach as you can see.
By the way, the original webisode 5 will actually be webisode 6 and it will premiere June 1 featuring our first chick trickster. Be on the look out.

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