Thursday, June 26, 2008

Flipping Over Esmee Denters & Free Sol

Recently I was at the Hit Factory in Miami with Justin Timberlake's new artists from his Tennman Record label with Chick Flips girl Belle. Esmee Denters is the #2 most subscribed and viewed musician on Youtube and Free Sol is the hottest band out of Memphis (bound to take the world by storm with their new album. (I heard some of their new stuff, and (LEAK!) there are some prominent guest appearances (maybe JT??? And a very famous R&B singer who's name begins with a T) on there with some INSANE beats, tight lyrics, and bananas... the whole thing is bananas! ... Apple and oranges, even.
I met up with Timbaland and his new artist DOE (the "Baby girl!' guy).
Here is Trick'd Out Tricking Webisode 6 which covers my exploits at the Hit Factory, and yes, I smoked a big, fat Cuban.

ESMEE DENTERS, FREE SOL - Watch more free videos

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tricking & Skateboarding

Quick thought: tricking and skateboarding would be sick if one day combined into a major event. Boards, tricks, and chicks. Yes, a novel idea.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Chick Flips

The Beautiful Belle from Chick Flips on the Street Flips Squad helps me out as we give you our first tutorial on how to do a back flip. This is lesson number 1: Just do it.

By the way, I know it's been a few days between posts and I understand some of you regulars were scratching yourself like 207th St. crackheads with anxiety as you waited impatiently. I was in Miami at the Hit Factory working hard so I can hardly work. But I'll be posting video footy soon so you can see what you missed.

Also, last week's goal of the hot girl teaching a tutorial: mission accomplished. 

Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't Flip Out! You've Been Tricked by Your Other You

Recently, I was on, a site dedicated to shamelessly freaking out your friend(s) so you can ROFLing... completely at their expense. It's wrong. It's malicious. Your friend might actually call the police in fear. And, it's sponsored by Toyota.
One of Toyota's several slogans is "Toyota. Moving forward." I like this one for this particular prank-your-friend- as-a-means-for-us-to- advertise because when they get sued, that will be interesting to see when the results trickle, or rather plummet, down to the price of their stock. Imagine when you get a call from an individual who knows where you live, what you do, what you like, etc, and you're certain that you don't know this person. Then, five days later, you find that this was a result of Toyota. Yes, a multi-billion dollar corporation. It's suing time.
In tricking news, you went out today and got "your other you" to prank you, called your lawyer, and then put in another call to the in-house legal counsel at Toyota to inform them who the trick's on now. Then, once you settle out of court, buy a Toyota, better yet, get your other you's hot, older sister, Alexus.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hot Chicks Teach You a Flippin' Lesson!

Imagine walking into a gym to train and - GREAT MOTHER OF MAXIM MODELS!! Lying there just like Vida Guerra, "stretching," your instructor is getting ready to give you a private lesson.
New Street Flips marketing strategy: Get hot girls to host tutorials on tricks and flips. I am on a mission to find some of the most beautiful and limber chicas in New York and Miami (apparently I have a dual-residency now) and have them help people all over the world learn flips via Youtube... while wearing bikinis. Maybe it could help spread the love of tricking to new demographics. And, for tricking sake, if I have to endure spotting and filming half-naked beauties to get our sport out there, then, I guess a man's got to do what a man's got to do.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Street Flips Endorses EA Sports and X-Box

Yesterday, I was at a party/movie shorts premiere in this Brooklynesque, underground-type venue in hipster trendy Williamsburg called Glasslands, when I was introduced to a guy involved with a pretty sweet start-up called Social Vibe. is a social networking site in which members can choose causes like hunger or disaster relief and then choose corporate brands like Nike or Coca-Cola to sponsor them and their causes by posting the brand's ads on their other social network sites like Myspace or Facebook. Street Flips is endorsing EA Sports and X-Box to help fight hunger, for example. You can click their links on the blog's sidebar to the right to help those causes.

After what can only be described as an awkward night of movies and dancing to "I'm Black and I'm proud" on a dance floor in which I was the only brother, I woke up today in a kind of "What time is it, where the hell am I" disorientation.
A pretty decent night, however, in which I can't complain. Somehow I was on the agenda to trick and provided a bit of Street Flips entertainment to some freestyle poetry. What's more the owner offered her venue for us to host part of our Tricking Out NYC showcase this July. Also, I linked up with some cool chicks from this band called Suspicious Package. Interesting group of girls and some I look forward to collabing with in the future.
Anyway, back to Social Vibe. Go to the site, set up an account, save lives, make some better, feel good about it. I am planning on making Street Flips a sponsor once our school opens in August. Speaking of that, I want to thank everyone for their support and those who have made contributions to the school. The school's opening is definetly official at this point and I look forward to the launch and certainly the launch party. It shall be off the daaaaammmnn chain. Maybe I can get Suspicious Package to perform.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Street Flips Motion Capture Lab and School of Tricking

I am proud to announce that Street Flips will be opening a motion capture lab and school of martial arts tricks, flips, and breakdance in New York. With our vision to produce new and groundbreaking innovations, we decided to fuse together the digital and the action sports worlds, bringing together young athletes and future computer engineers to work together in a positive after-school environment where academics, performing arts, and sports could combine. The SF school will train young athletes in tricking, flips, breakdance, and martial arts, while their computer-savvy peers study their motions and learn to capture and enhance the athletes' motions and manipulate motion data with joint control capture capabilities. The school will annually produce studies on new performance arts to provide new information and other literature on motions and theories thereof regarding tricking, parkour, and breakdancing. The school will be opening this August in either downtown Manhattan or in Williamsburg in New York City.
For more information, stay tuned to this blog. Additionally, the SF School's website is currently in development but will be on the official website by the end of the week.