Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't Flip Out! You've Been Tricked by Your Other You

Recently, I was on, a site dedicated to shamelessly freaking out your friend(s) so you can ROFLing... completely at their expense. It's wrong. It's malicious. Your friend might actually call the police in fear. And, it's sponsored by Toyota.
One of Toyota's several slogans is "Toyota. Moving forward." I like this one for this particular prank-your-friend- as-a-means-for-us-to- advertise because when they get sued, that will be interesting to see when the results trickle, or rather plummet, down to the price of their stock. Imagine when you get a call from an individual who knows where you live, what you do, what you like, etc, and you're certain that you don't know this person. Then, five days later, you find that this was a result of Toyota. Yes, a multi-billion dollar corporation. It's suing time.
In tricking news, you went out today and got "your other you" to prank you, called your lawyer, and then put in another call to the in-house legal counsel at Toyota to inform them who the trick's on now. Then, once you settle out of court, buy a Toyota, better yet, get your other you's hot, older sister, Alexus.

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