Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eva Longoria Tricks

Eva Longoria was spotted tricking in L.A.

Also, Borat was spotted in his ridiculously odd but semi-entertaining and awkwardly funny flick bursting out the following: "NOT!"

Well, "NOT" necessarily. Eva has tricked before but it was the paparazzi. Read this article ("Longoria Tricks Paparazzi in Pop Fiction") if you want, but that's the closest I could come to twisting Eva's sexy legs into anything pertaining to tricking when I googled "Eva tricks."
Nonetheless, let's imagine for a second Eva tricking... in that dress. If you are indeed a heterosexual male, I will give you a few moments to let that marinate in your head. Ladies, check out how she looks in that dress and I heard she eats whatever she wants-- aren't you "so jealous"?
Aw, how nice.

New rule: this is a tricking blog. Headlines will occasionally be purposefully misleading and I will trick you in order to incorporate beautiful women and cool stuff that has nothing to do with the sport. It's all about tricking you into looking at that red dress and the one bending over in it.

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