Friday, May 16, 2008

Free Sol, the official music of Street Flips

Tricking is known for it's freedom of expression, and the lifestyle of a trickster, seen through many of the Street Flips webisodes, show it's boundlessness and unconventionality. Well, we all know that glitch-hop has been the proclaimed music of tricking (as if my blog dictates or even carries any musically authoritative weight at all); however, we must stop and take a look at a band that actually doesn't even have a genre. Free Sol. To the world and mass-media, this name way not ring a bell, but locally in my hometown of Memphis, TN, this name is widely known. However, the genre of music... no one even locally can quite put their finger on it. In the band's words, "Just call it music."
You could say it's hop-hop mixed with rock n' roll, the blues, and jazz. You could even say there are some chords here and there you hear in a country song. Some of their songs even have a bit of techno in it. There's a definite R&B sound to it in many of the songs as well. Though, overall, it's just good music. You may have even been bobbing your head to them without knowing in our third webisode of "Trick'd Out."
Like Street Flips, its style is in it's own box. It doesn't hear the popular tunes or rules. It follows its own way. It's in it's own world.
Give these guys a listen. You can find some samples from one of their albums (11:11) here.

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