Saturday, May 17, 2008

Romeo in the Miami Heat Game

Street Flips is doing big things as of late. Romeo (a.k.a. "The Favorite" according to Groupie Magazine) just landed a huge gig for a Miami Heat halftime show. We'll be sure to include his performance in an upcoming webisode so everyone can see him rock the American Airlines Arena if you miss it on TV. Note to Romeo: make sure you don't tell the cheerleaders you're in high school. Many times, the team will go out and chill on South Beach and Romeo, when asked his age, will profess the truth, thus ending any fun for himself with a girl who wouldn't have known she was committing a statutory offense. All in good practice, my friend. Say it with me: "I'm 18."
Check out the Heat girl (pictured) on the far left, Romeo. Don't ruin your chances, buddy. Take a walk into your fate and live to reminisce in the event of your statutory fortune.

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