Monday, May 12, 2008

Street Football, EA Sports, Tricking and... Stacey Dash!

Tricking is slowly but surely about to erupt onto the mainstream sports scene, and it appears that video gamers might be the demographic of the next generation of tricksters. I'm pulling the psychic card and claiming that by 2010, EA Sports will release a full-on high-action, street-flipping tricking game in which the gamer would play a New York hipster or Brooklyn gangster character who does nightclub tricking battles and fights bad guys with crazy Tony Jaa-ish flips and kicks in back alleys. Just imagine Street Fighter mixed in with Grand Theft Auto and EA's upcoming Mirror's Edge  (more details about ME below).
Maybe Street Tricking : Brooklyn ???

In the recent football game (or "soccer" game if you're American like me) released by EA Sports back in February, FIFA Street 3 , (as pictured above) the guys at EA incorporated tricking/parkour moves into the game. You'll see guys flipping and doing freerunning-stlyed stunts all over the place.  In addition, EA will be releasing a parkour/Street Flips-type game called Mirror's Edge at the end of the year.  These are all good looks for tricking, almost as good looking as Stacey Dash's latest magazine cover.

She's 42 by the way, and she makes a special (kind-of) appearance in one of our upcoming webisodes of "Trick'd Out."

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danny r said...

street tricking brooklyn would be sick!