Friday, May 9, 2008

Can You Trick in Bed?

Perhaps tricking is a new mating call. Recently, I was throwing some flips and tricks in NY when I was approached by girl who had been watching. For the purposes of the subject matter, we'll say, appearance-wise, she was certainly "trickable."
She asked me if I was doing cappoiera and explained to me: "I loooovvvveee cappoiera!" Well, seeing as she was "trickable" and all, I decided to humor her by giving her the whole story of how it was actually called "tricking" and the sport derived and took many influences from Cappoiera, in addition of course to several other performance artforms and sports.
We flirted awhile and then she asked me quite simply and with a barbie doll's poker face: "Can you do that in bed?"
After my initial moment of shock, followed by a moment of deep cognitive inquisition into the her question, I answered, "If the ceilings are high enough, but I won't settle for anything shorter than loft-height."
She smiled; and I did as well--but in a right now? kind of way. And I thought I might have said it, but wasn't sure until she answered.
"If you can trick me into it," she replied.

Okay, so the story is complete BS. But, the answer is yes, you can trick in bed and I was doing so during the course of that dream. All you need is your imagination, and that's not only for tricking. Maybe you could even use the assistance of a certain magazine to help inspire you... I don't know. Whatever you like. The man (pictured above) seems to prefer magazines over the chick... who actually looks similar (magazine-down) to the girl from my dream.

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