Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Danny Graham vs. Art MD: The Battle!!! What Battle???

Next time, Danny and I should battle for record sales or something like Kanye West and 50 Cent, because as Danny's girlfriend quoted after the tricking battle: it was a "waste of time."

Remember that historic match between the great chess world champion Boris Spassky and the inexperienced, underdog Bobby Fischer (pictured)? Well, that was the way the battle "Art MD vs. Danny Graham" was hyped. However, our battle just wasn't as cool; in fact, it was lame. Even though he was the experienced Spassky-type, he acted a lot like the spoiled Fischer. During the '72 World Chess Championship, Fischer made several unreasonable demands and swore not to compete in unless all of his random demands were taken care of. He said he would not battle unless he had a higher chair than Spassky, the audience stood much farther than usual, the lighting was brighter, the matches take place on certain days-- everything was on his terms. Danny and I had agreed before our battle on several terms. However, he pushed the battle ahead by 24 hours and informed me of the change less than two hours before the timing he was requesting. So, why did I battle if everything was on his terms or nothing? Because me on a bad day without any of my terms being met can still hold up against Danny on a good day with all of his terms.

One of the terms we had agreed on was that we would either battle in grass or on spring flooring. I wanted to battle on concrete, grass, and spring to show diverse flooring and give an all-around look at both trickers. In addition, I needed an abundance of area space and height. However, once I arrived to the battle, it was pretty much karate pad floor in a confided area. There were fans hanging from the ceiling everywhere in addition to columns in random areas. Also, we agreed to battle on Tuesday (today); however, he had one of his friends text me to inform that unless we battled at 9:30 yesterday, there would be no battle at all. I received the text at 8:00. With no proper preparation, I still went. A $%^*& move in my opinion, but that's okay. There were several other terms in which normal tricking battles consist of in which this one did not due to obvious reasons.
The battle? What battle? It was a series of tricks. No crowd: it was practically a tricking session. No one judged. We tricked for three minutes. I ran out of space on many of my combos because we had originally agreed on grass or gym floor and I trained for the battle accordingly. Unfortunately all of the circumstances changed within an hour and a half of the battle and the battle wasn't so. Either way, Danny's promised slaughter didn't occur and the inexperienced trickster from New York... almost ran into a wall a few times. But there was no battle and certainly no slaughter. In fact, Danny looked a little scared. The footage his squad recorded should be up soon.

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