Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Future Fantasy Tricking?
Tricking with its own XM satellite radio channel?
A TV Channel?
Millions of dollars in bets going toward tricking?
Why not? Imagine:
"Today's tricks battle is Team Nike vs. Adidas. The winner will go up against Team Under Armour and the vicious forces of Art MD, Romeo, and Tony Surphman. :)
Anis Cheurfa and Kjer from team Adidas seem poised to dominate the cork variations battle, but Sesshoumaru and Kyle Mclean from Nike are are going to give them a run on the creativity judging. Should be a crazy battle.
Next week, the all-stars from the league will be chosen for the upcoming Tricking World Championship, where China and Japan will give the US a run for the money this year."

Back to the real world, the only thing of substance to report is the upcoming Art MD vs. Danny Graham of Hurricane Tricksters Crew battle. The date, time, and details are currently being worked out, but the battle will take place soon. The source of the battle is due to Hurricane Tricksters ongoing attempts to discredit and publicly rank on Team SF. Last week, 3 members of Hurricane went to a gym where Romeo of SF was training, and Danny Graham (a much more experienced trickster of at least five years) challenged Romeo, 16, to a tricks battle in which he recorded and posted on Youtube, especially emphasizing Romeos mistakes with crafty editing while, of course, disregarding his own.
I am certainly the underdog in this upcoming match and no one expects me to come close to Danny in the battle. I intend to make this one of the greatest upsets in tricking history. And also, this is a great thing because it's helping to boast tricking as a competitive sport which certainly steeping in the right direction towards the fantasy tricks teams and XM radio sports channel.
If the battle goes down this weekend, I'll have the footage posted by Monday.

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